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The Good School, a Govt. of India approved startup

We are a school delivery platform developed by a technology organization with deep experience in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Our mission is to provide most reliable and beneficial information to admission seekers and educational institutions.

We help our stakeholders make the right decision by being an information bridge between them.

We fill up the information gap between schools and parents by providing services: boarding school admissions and digital marketing.

How we do that?

We bridge the gap between the schools and the parents.

We identify the needs and expectations of parents before suggesting the school, which helps reduce unnecessary inquiries reaching the schools.

We simplify things for the school and parents by providing all relevant information needed by the parent about the school, which reduces the work of the admission counselor at school.

We are committed to providing services even on holidays, which reduces the pending inquiry workload on admission counselors at schools after one or two holidays.


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Govt India Approved StartUp

School Discovery Platform

Reliable and Beneficial information

Reduce stress and anxiety of parents

Identify needs & Expectations of Parents

High Quality SEO

Empanelled Schools


Admission Provided


Counselling Undertaken


Happy Customers


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