How Much is it worth for Top Boarding Schools in India?

A plausible question that frequently pops in the mind of parents. If you're a parent considering boarding schools for your child, you've probably realised that choosing a school requires considerable thought and consideration. It's a significant financial choice as well as an investment in the future of your child.

Are boarding schools expensive? How Much is it Worth for Top Boarding Schools in India?

The short answer is that it all depends on the kind of school, where it is located, and the financial situation of your family. Therefore, even though many schools charge tuition ranging from Rs.3-5 lakhs, you might discover that it is sometime less expensive than many private day schools in your area.

If you look at the average cost of attending a boarding school, you'll see that it can exceed Rs.4 lakh. Examining the structure and infrastructure of the school is, however, something the parents should consider more highly.

Parents are aware that the cost of sending their children to a boarding or residential school is significantly higher than the cost of sending them to a day school. However, the fees paid is for the boarding accommodations, meals, school supplies, as well as safety and security measures. There are many advantages to boarding school enrolment over day schooling for your child. A day school student cannot compare to the environment offered by a boarding school.

What is covered by the cost of boarders' education?

Tuition Fee for boarding schools includes costs for academics, sports, campus life, numerous activities, and meals.

Initial payment- Also known as the initial deposit, is typically due when the enrolment contract is signed. It reserves the seat and shows that you are serious about enrolling your kid in that school.

Fees - Books, uniforms, laundry, and other expenses are frequently covered by the fees boarding schools charge. Health centre services and transportation might also be subject to fees.

Cost of special events or trips - These costs are typically assessed separately for domestic and international travel. Trips are typically elective. Other specialised programmes may be included in the fees for special programmes.

Does financial aid exist for boarding schools?

Charities - Many private boarding schools are non-profit organisations that receive funding from a variety of sources to cover operating costs. These funds come from a variety of sources, for areas such as tuition and fees, summer programmes, facility rentals, and endowment funds. While endowment funds are used for longer-term projects like enhancing programmes and campus facilities, tuition and fees help pay for general, daily operating costs.

Assistance categories- Many boarding schools provide financial aid to families to help with the cost of boarding school education, based on need and/or student performance. We advise getting in touch with the school or admission counsellor if you are interested in financial assistance options to pay for your child's boarding school education.

Points to know before considering the best boarding schools for kids in India


  1. Hostel: Parents should always check out the hostel where their children will be staying before enrolling them. The parents always try to provide their child with a home away from home, even though it cannot be as cosy and opulent as their own.
  2. Faculty: One should carefully consider the faculty before deciding on a boarding school for their child. The best students are developed by a solid and knowledgeable faculty. To ensure that the children do not encounter any difficulties while learning, teachers should be extremely patient, warm, and approachable.

Benefits of boarding schools for kids


  1. Independent Way of Life: A student attending a boarding school will always be distinguished as an independent child. The wardens at a residential school always encourage the students to complete their tasks and take responsibility for their actions, which helps students become independent and practical at a young age as they are not spoilt and spoon-fed by their parents.
  2. Discipline: A student attending a boarding school will never be allowed to take it easy or sleep in. A good boarding school has a carefully thought-out schedule that guarantees each student's productivity. while kids are out of reach of television and mobile phone temptations. After school hours, they are kept busy with a hobby or activity thanks to the school curriculum.



Graduates from boarding schools enjoy numerous long-term advantages, more than covering the cost of the initial investment. For your teen, boarding school can be a game-changer by providing access to rigorous college prep coursework, a setting that encourages independence and maturity, and unmatched mentorship, direction, and support. Although the upfront cost might seem high, the return on investment is phenomenal.

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How Much is it worth for Top Boarding Schools in India?
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